Quartzite worktops. What is Quartzite and why is it gaining huge popularity in the UK!

What Is Quartzite?

Free SampleA metamorphic rock which is formed from almost entirely of Quartz. Quartzite is formed when sandstone is altered by the heat, pressure, and chemical activity of metamorphism. Quartzite is a natural stone that has beautiful streaks of colours, rich tones and beautiful patterns on its surface. These features enable Quartzite to be a completely unique feature piece in any kitchen, bathroom or interior use.

  • Quartzite resistance to etching

Quartzite will not easily etch from general use as a kitchen worktop. It is generally considered to be ‘harder’ than granite. Like any other natural stone, Quartzite is not completely bullet proof and some maintenance/due care will be required to keep your worktops looking new.

  • Porosity

Quartzite has a range of porosities. Some, like Taj Mahal or Van Gogh, have been highly metamorphosed, and the minerals are bonded together tightly thus having tighter air pockets making it less porous. White Macaubas and Bianco Eclipse have been exposed to less intense pressure, so they may be more porous compared to Taj Mahal. However, nowhere near as porous as marble or limestone. KML Worktops recommends sealing all Quartzite worktops yearly for maximum beauty.

Amongst all Quartzite varieties, KML Worktops have found the White’s and Grey’s to be the top picks for worktops, however, recently the more vibrant colours, like Exuberant

Some of our top picks

White Macaubus

Bianco Eclipse


We provide Quartz, Marble, Granite and Engineered Stone Surfaces in London and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a perfect, yet affordable worktop supplier, call us now on 0203 150 1198 or simply click here to contact us. For inspiration and/or ideas, please feel free to browse ‘Projects’ page.

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