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This is the oldest form of tiling and often in the news as new findings are unearthed during excavation works by archaeologists. These can be dated as far back as 3rd millennium BC and used in Ancient Greece and Ancient Roman times. They are still as popular today and available in many shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and even themes. These mosaic works used in combination with Slabwork, and tiling combinations achieve stunning finishes.

These smaller shapes are very versatile and great for use on curves and contouring where they conform and bring difficult areas to a marvellous finish. Mosaic is available in many materials which we work with, marble, Limestone, Granite, Volcanic, and the list goes on.

Whist being available in many materials there are many finishes, tumbled, antiqued, honed, polished, brushed, flamed, hand honed, river washed, unfilled. Koliqi Team on hand to advise and assist with your Mosaic works from presenting all available options through to surveys and installation.