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Tiling achieves great layouts to smaller and large areas illustrating natural variation, colours, patterns and hues. Internally, generally 2mm grout spacing is used whilst external paving will require larger grout lines up to 10mm. Combination of materials is often used “black & white” sets. Tiles are available in various sizes and shapes.

  • Square Tiles

  • Rectangular Tiles

  • Triangular Tiles

  • Hexagons Tiles

  • Cabochon Tiles

  • & many others

There are many various patters used with tiling works and largely depends on the shape of the tile.

  • Grid pattern

  • Brick Bond Off-Set

  • Diamond Pattern

  • Checkerboard

  • Herringbone

  • Off-set

  • Alternating

  • Opus

  • Grand Antique

  • & many others

Often on a neutral flooring tile layout in order to achieve a classic pattern one uses a contrasting stone as a cabochon which is inset between each of the larger tiles, can be on the parallel or diagonal layout.  Great flooring finishes also combine inset borders and possibly perimeter contrasting borders along with skirting detailing often from slabworks.