Slabwork is Koliqi Marble’s forte. Slabwork is the ultimate in maintaining the beauty of a material as this offers bespoke cut to size from large slabs. Large size panels with continuous veining, pattern and hue where possible is achieved. Slabwork is from premium option from selected blocks with sufficient material for the required works.

How does Slabwork differ from tiling:

Slabwork is from large premium blocks with best pattern, hue and characteristics of a type of material which achieves great coverage of intended area or coverage.

Tiles are from smaller blocks, generally with more colour variation and stop & start of pattern within a small coverage of area.

From the careful selection of the best and most appropriate material for the intended application we meticulously design with our inhouse CAD Designers layouts for the approval process. After a site survey and template phase this information becomes the key element to the cutting instructions sheets. These cutting instruction sheets are what the sawyer uses as a guide for the fabrication process and masons for finishing in factory.

Our expert Slabwork fitting teams make these works appear easy as they carry exceptional installation works to prepared and suitable substrates for stone, by others. Scope is to achieve coverage of an area with the least amount of grout lines and joints which creates a consistent and luxurious finish.