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ECO – Here at Koliqi Marble the Team are ECO minded and aim to remain respectful to our planet. In order to help us maintain this we would greatly appreciate receiving the sample back so that it can be re-used resulting in less wastage and better service for all.

Before a sample is provided, we need to confirm a few details. Please use the form below to submit these to us.

  • Materials intended usage / Is it suitable for the application.
  • Quantity of material required & Thickness.
  • Material finish, as the finish of the material can make a significant finish to the overall hue / colour finish of the installation.

More about Koliqi Marble

Koliqi Marble is one of London’s leading stone suppliers and manufacturers for all stone works, Slabwork Projects, Kitchens Worktops and Bathroom Stone works. Our specialisation lies in sourcing the best quality materials, both natural and man-made. Koliqi provides trade professionals with a diverse range of options. Koliqi offer comprehensive services, supply of materials, template, manufacturing and installation. All installations are carried out to suitable substrates, by others. The Koliqi Team are always willing to assist, so call us or send us an email.

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