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Pros & Cons of Quartz Worktops

Pros & Cons of Quartz Worktops

Free SampleQuartz worktops have emerged as one of the most lavishing kitchen and bathroom décor options. It does not only beautify the appearance of the rooms it is used in but also ensures immense durability at the same time. Quartz being a newly introduced stone, leads to several doubts in the minds of the homeowners as they are not well aware of the pros & cons of quartz worktops in particular. To be precise, quartz can be one of the best materials to offer the most elegant appeal to a household. However, anything with benefits does have one or the other cons. Quartz worktop may not be an exception but, of course, the disadvantages seem minor when compared to the advantages.

Pros of quartz countertops to consider

  • Consistent Beauty

Anything that you see for the first time, it’s always its beauty that catches the attention. How can a quartz worktop have a different approach? The material too approaches the onlookers with its amazing and elegant appeal. Once you get these worktops included in your premises, you give your household the most attractive look and feel.

  • Numerous Patterns

Being a natural stone, each and every slab of quartz has a varied presence. The patterns and network of the stones make the worktops, an unmatchable alternative for all.

  • Guaranteed Durability

If you have a family with mischievous kids, and, pets then quartz worktops are for you. These are quite durable and you can depend on them against all kinds of wear and tear.

  • Stain Resistant

They are tough surfaces and remain protected against stains. Though they aren’t stain-proof, they are highly stain-resistant.

  • Scratch Resistant

When you have these worktops installed, you know there will be no scratch, no water-stain and no chip to be noticed on the work surface.

  • Least Maintenance

The list of pros and cons of quartz worktops will remain incomplete without the mention of this very advantage of using these worktops. Quartz is mainly preferred in white colours. And maintaining white is a tough job. In fact, the myth that maintenance of quartz is difficult restricts most of the people from considering these worktops as an alternative. Hence, knowing the fact is important. Of course, these worktops are stain-resistant, there may be times when the juice or other items get spilled on the surface, leaving stains. With quartz worktops, only soap and warm water is enough to wipe off the stains no matter how rigid they are.

  • Non-Porous

The quartz worktops, being non-porous, add to the stain-resistant feature of the surfaces used. In fact, it is this characteristic of the material that makes it quite a hygienic option as it restricts the origination of microorganisms, including bacteria, in the areas it is used.

Cons of quartz countertops to consider

  • Expensive Option

Though quartz worktops are less expensive than granite and marble, the cost of these stones makes them being counted as one of the expensive work surface options. The benefits of the material are many, which leads to the enhanced pricing of the same. Well, the expense related to having these worktops installed may be higher when compared to other solid surfaces but then the durability of these countertops make it a long-term investment for household owners. As a result, the expense doesn’t matter when the option is everlasting.

  • Modern Look

While there are many worktop options that provide the blend of traditional and contemporary appeal when installing in a kitchen or washroom, quartz worktops are only meant for a modern looking premise. If you are someone desiring to get a conventional look for the surrounding, you should skip going for these options. Well, the contemporary look in a traditionally designed house may not be an issue all the time.

  • Heat Resistance

The material is definitely hard but it is not really as resistant to heat as other material may be. Hence, you must avoid putting hot bases of utensils on these worktops.

  • Outdoor Use Prohibited

Quartz worktops are the best options for houses and offices. But at the same time, they are only meant for inside use. If you desire it to be used for outdoor stuff, the elegance will be affected.
Getting introduced to both the pros & cons of quartz worktops will make it easier for you to decide whether to choose these countertops or consider other stones or materials for the same. Thus, be very careful while making your choice as it involves a great deal of investment.

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