Places Granite May Be Useful (Other Than the Kitchen)

Granite is a gorgeous material, popularly used for kitchen worktops. However, granite is a perfect material to use in plenty of other areas of your home! Consider the aesthetic and practical use of granite in your bathrooms, fireplace or backsplash of any room.


Granite as a kitchen worktop is desirable because it can withstand physical forces. In your bathroom, water is the most frequently used and potentially harmful “force” that can affect your worktop. Granite worktops are resistant to water damage! It’s durable, easy to clean with a simple solution of water and vinegar, and a beautiful addition to any room. It is more expensive than many other surface materials, and its weight makes it difficult to install which ups the cost of installation as well. Still, its long lifespan and low maintenance make it an appealing option for all bathroom counters!


Another benefit of granite is its ability to withstand high temperatures. Resistant to the staining that can come from smoke or ash, and durable enough to keep from cracking while exposed to consistent flames, your fireplace is safe and clean with a granite surrounding. The visual beauty of granite also means your fireplace can turn into a major focal point of your room… or if the fireplace is already at the center and is meant to draw the eye, the granite you use can add an elegance to the feature that steel or iron just can’t match!


Because granite comes in such a wide variety of colors and patterns, it can complement any room. There are dozens of colors and textures to choose from! Granite is meant to add something visually interesting to any space, in addition to its functionality as a durable and clean surface. Throw a black and white swirl into your modern bathroom, match your countertops to your accent backsplash piece in your kitchen, or make a neutral background for your home office. You can go intricate or simple with your pattern choice, but feel confident that either way you are creating a gorgeous addition to your walls.

Kitchens, bathrooms, offices, fireplaces… granite can add to them all. Don’t hesitate in making this kind of investment! Check out these granite worktops to get you brainstorming what kind of granite you want to utilise and in what ways! You can’t go wrong with this material that will benefit you with it’s functional purpose and aesthetic appeal. 

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