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Granite Worktops and Heat – What You Need to Know

Granite worktops are extremely popular due to their beautiful appearance, versatility, and durability. But how durable are they really, and how well do granite worktops stand up to heat

Heat Resistance 

Granite worktops are extremely heat resistant. Granite can comfortably withstand temperatures up to 248° C.

Because granite is an igneous rock formed by the cooling of magma, it has an extremely high melting point of about 657° to 682° C (1215° to 1260° degrees Fahrenheit). In other words, that hot pan of deliciousness you just pulled out of the oven can go directly onto the worktop without you having to worry about burning, melting, bubbling, or anything else. 

How Other Worktops Compare

Let’s examine the heat resistance of other worktops to see how granite compares: 

  • Laminate 
    • Laminate worktops can only handle temperatures up to 66° C.
    • Hot pots and pans will cause the laminate to melt and burn. The heat can also cause bubbling and discolouration. 
  • Quartz 
    • Quartz worktops are made from about 90% stone and 10% resin to hold them together. While the quartz stone itself is heat resistant, the resin can only withstand temperatures around 66° C. 
    • You cannot put hot pans or pots directly onto the worktop or it will cause burns or stains. 
  • Marble 
    • Marble worktops are relatively heat resistant. Certain types of marble can withstand up to 248° C.
    • Lower quality marble worktops may begin cracking in hot temperatures, around 200° C. 
    • Marble worktops are susceptible to cold and may crack in extremely cold temperatures.
    • Marble worktops are prone to stains and burn marks. 
  • Metal 
    • Metal worktops made of copper or steel are very heat resistant.
    • However, they can get extremely hot to the touch.
    • Metal worktops are likely to stain when in contact with high heat.
  • Granite 
    • Granite worktops can withstand high-heat temperatures up to 248° C. 
    • They do not burn, bubble, or crack. 

As you’ve probably gathered by now, there’s no reason to worry about granite worktops and heat. Granite is a wonderful, durable material that looks great in any kitchen. 

One small tip to keep in mind, though: if your granite worktops have been sealed, placing hot pans and pots directly onto the surface may cause the sealant to come off, exposing the granite to some wear and tear. For this reason, it’s still best to use heat coasters when placing hot dishes onto your worktop.

So Many Choices

If you’ve decided that granite is the best choice for you, Koliqi Marble has over eighty different colours and patterns for you to select from. Options range from Royal Pearl granite to beautiful Andromeda white granite

When deciding which granite will look best in your kitchen, first consider whether you want your granite to make a statement or complement your existing design. Then assess your kitchen colour scheme to select complementary colours. 

Koliqi Marble is proud to offer you only the highest quality materials, fabricated locally in London. You’ll also be able to choose from three different finish options and two thicknesses, so you can customise to fit your design needs perfectly. 


Give your kitchen a well-needed upgrade and buy your worktops from Koliqi Marble today. 

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