What is Neolith?

When designing or constructing a workspace, materials like granite, marble, quartz and limestone are easily recognised and usually the primary materials considered for worktops. Neolith, however, is an equally effective material going largely unappreciated and unconsidered because of its later entrance to the interior design scene. Here are a few things you should know about Neolith to add it to your list of potential worktop materials.  

What Is It Made Of?

“Sintered stone” consists of a mixture of mineral materials, hyper-heated and pressurised into a completely impervious rock. Neolith is a type of sintered rock that uses recycled rock materials, natural oxides, and even glass particles. Each of these elements contributes to the characteristics of this material: the oxidised particles alter the colours and patterns, the rock fragments create the strength and durability that makes neolith an effective and long lasting , and the glass stabilises the chemical makeup of the entire substance. The intense heat bonds the particles of these elements and creates a solid mass that can be manipulated into large (yet lightweight) slabs.

What Is It Used For?

Neolith carries all the best qualities of the well known rock materials: it is incredibly durable and resistant to heat, scratching or abrasion, and cracks. It can be created in over thirty colours or textures, and cut to fit any shape of any size! This makes neolith a great choice for rooms in residential buildings like kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, its resistance to extreme temperatures makes it a great insulating material for industrial building facades which saves money on the energy expenses of heating and cooling systems.

What Makes it Unique?

While the strengths of neolith mirror those of other natural stone, neolith is particularly interesting and effective. It is—despite its particle’s heavy origins—actually a lighter material than natural stone, while functioning at the same level. It lacks the pores that other stones contain, making it easier to clean and maintain. It is completely waterproof, does not absorb chemicals that make other countertops hazardous (especially for food prep), and is made entirely of natural, recyclable materials. It is also unique for its size availability: where most other stones come in one or two established thicknesses, neolith comes in a range of four different thicknesses to be used for various purposes!

Sold on the benefits of neolith for your property? Check out these neolith worktops and countertops and contact us about where and how you can best use this amazing material!

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