large waterfall worktops on a kitchen island

What Are Waterfall Worktops?

When it comes to contemporary kitchen design, few rival the waterfall worktop’s aesthetic appeal and durability. Whether you are building a new kitchen or have an upcoming remodel, it’s worth considering this modern worktop. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is a Waterfall Edge?

As you can probably guess from its name, a waterfall edge is one wherein the side of a kitchen island or cabinet continues down to the floormuch like a waterfall. Compared to traditional countertops with finished edges, waterfall worktops have a seamless, flowing look.

Although other countertop designs are appealing in their own right, a waterfall edge adds drama and a wow factor to your interior space. It is particularly suited for areas that you want to highlight. 

For instance, a waterfall worktop would be a bold statement for your kitchen in an open-floor space, serving as an excellent conversation piece for house guests. With an elegant waterfall edge, you add sophistication to your living space.

Due to its unique profile, you’ll want to give extra thought to the surface material used for a waterfall edge. Marble, granite, and quartz are the most common materials designers recommend because they offer a clean, continuous look.

Why Waterfall Worktops Are Popular

Waterfall worktops are making a stir in homes across America because their unique, attention-grabbing design makes an excellent focal point in any space. 

Moreover, they are versatile; you can match them with many kitchen designs. Materials can come in a vast array of colors and patterns, making it effortless to integrate with your kitchen’s theme or color scheme. 

Compared to traditional countertops with joints and seams that collect dust and grime, the seamless surface of a waterfall countertop is easier to clean. And if you have active children or pets at home, the design is safer since there are no sharp edges for them to run into. 

Many homeowners take advantage of a waterfall worktop’s construction to cover the exposed sides of kitchen cabinets. Since the surfaces are usually made from durable, quality materials, they won’t scratch easily from accidental contact with chairs, utensils, or belt buckles. It’s easier to protect cabinets from normal wear and tear since the worktop serves as a protective barrier.

If you are interested in using a waterfall edge design for your kitchen or bathroom, hire an experienced fabricator to do the job. Cutting the edges requires precision, especially where the top and sides of the waterfall meet. You’ll need a highly skilled craftsman to match the veins of natural stone along the connection flawlessly. Mismatched veins won’t be effective in giving you a cascading waterfall effect.

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