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Dekton Worktops Prices UK : All You Should Know

Free SampleThe new dekton price groups are required to every individual who wants to install dekton material in their home, kitchen & offices. Dekton is a refined amalgamation of raw material that is used to produce porcelain, glass, and quartz countertops. It harnesses an exclusive Sinterized Particle Technology, which is an advanced process. It is referred to as an enhanced version of the metamorphic change of natural stone when they are exposed to high temperature and pressure for thousands of years.

Over the year, it has gained tremendous popularity, especially in the English market, as a durable, sophisticated kitchen worktop option. When it comes to the supply of Dekton countertops, they are sold in multiple price groups. This is because the prices of Dekton countertops are affected by different factors including the material, labor, processing, style, customization, etc. The growing popularity of Dekton worktop is contributed by its notable features including –

  1. Stain-resistant
  2. Scratch-resistant
  3. Heat and fire-resistant
  4. High UV resistant
  5. Color stability
  6. Virtually minimal water absorption
  7. Resistance to thawing and freezing

Dekton Cost – Factors that Influence the Cost

The Dekton price is not definitive, as it is influenced by multiple facets. And below are discussing some of the prominent factors that influence Dekton worktop prices –

1. Seam vs Seamless

If you opt for a seamless design, then the Dekton worktop prices would be higher as opposed to when opting for a design with seams.

2. Thickness of Slab

You can save on Dekton’s cost if you choose a thinner slab. With this type, you will get a thinner edge that will exhibit a minimalistic and contemporary design.

3. Color and Pattern

Dekton worktops are available in wide color and pattern variants. The Dekton worktop prices also depend on the popularity of the color you have selected. Similarly, if you choose popularity design and pattern, the price would evidently go high. Distinctive design or texture would cost more as opposed to solid color countertops.

4. Installation

If the workers have to tear down your existing countertop and replace it with Dekton one, then the cost would be higher. In this case, there will be more labor prices included compared to installing Dekton worktop from scratch.

5. Customization

The more you modify Dekton worktops to align with your home decor, the higher will be its costs. Determine the setting of your kitchen or bathroom and estimate the amount of work it will take to integrate everything with the worktop.
Above are some important factors that determine the Dekton cost. Considering that it is not widely available yet, you will not have many price options to evaluate.

Why Should you Choose Dekton?

Today Dekton worktops have gained immense popularity among many houses as well as commercial property owners, especially in the UK. There are many reasons why you should invest in a Dekton worktop including –

1. It is Extremely Scratch Resistant

Over the years, countertops often experience wear and tear that can be visible. However, Dekton countertop provides high scratch resistance that helps in maintaining the quality of countertop for years.

2. UV Resistance

The versatile feature is what makes the Dekton countertop costs stand at a high range. It is highly resistant to ultraviolet light, and you will not have to worry about the color fading on your worktop

3. Stain Resistance

More than being stain resistant, Dekton is stain proof. It equips with a zero-porosity design that protects the countertop to attract any stains. Even if you end up spilling strong chemicals like bleach, the countertop will easily withstand the effect.

4. Protection Against Abrasions

As opposed to granite worktops, Dekton offers high resistance to abrasion. This makes it an ideal maker from commercial areas, flooring, and high traffic areas.

Dekton is an advanced material that is slowing gaining a lot of popularity. Currently, it is among the favorite worktop materials in the UK. The Dekton price UK varies depending on different aforementioned prices, so you can expect to get multiple price options.

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