Creative Places to Install Stone

Love the look of stone features in the home? Trying to find a good place for a stone feature or two? Apart from the normal countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, consider these other places you can utilize stone as an accent or design element for any room in your home!

Window Ledges

Windows can be a beautiful focal point for your room, as it invites in the natural light you want to illuminate your space and offers a view of the outdoors. Framing that window can add to the look of the entire window itself, including the ledge on which it sits! Using stone for this ledge can add that splash of colour and class that stone provides for any of its uses, and is a unique material that creates a kind of accent to the space. Furthermore, because window ledges often are exposed to moisture (whether from outside, the occasional potted plant that rests there, or whatever other liquids might need to be set down on a sturdy surface) you can feel confident that your stone ledge will never become damaged or warped!


Stone walls are another gorgeous accent you can add to any room. Thin slabs can be used to cover walls, if large slab installations are out of your price range or are unreasonable for the space itself. Raw stone walls are another popular look that creates a beautiful and natural feel in the room. Whether you use stone in tiles, as a lining for the room, a protruding column of stone, or whatever you can come up with, consider your walls a canvas for stone installations that will make your space pop.


The fireplace mantle is a definite centre of attention. Comfort, warmth, and relaxed tones surround this area… so add the comfort, warmth, and class of a stone mantle to frame that fireplace as elegantly and beautifully as possible! The range of colour and texture available is sure to provide an option that will fit your room’s style perfectly. Plus, the stone’s heat resistance will ensure that no damage can be done to the space above or around your fireplace! Don’t settle for a lacklustre fireplace—a style that features right and let it be a favourite gathering place within your home.

Start looking through your stone options for ledges, walls and mantles today. From marble to granite to quartz and more, Koliqi Marble Ltd will have exactly what you need to add a stone feature you’ll love to your home. 

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