carrara marble worktops

Carrara Marble Worktops: Know Everything about Carrara Marble

Free SampleCarrara marble worktops come with white colour and white colour symbolises purity, peace and beauty. Thus, anything in white has a unique essence, which invites purity and innocence within the surroundings. Every corner of a household seeks peace and tranquillity and when it’s your kitchen, clean and clear atmosphere is a must. This is what makes Carrara marble worktop options the best fit for household owners so far as adorning their kitchen is concerned.

Carrara marble worktops

The Story of Carrara Marble

Carrara marble stone is found in the Italian province of Carrara and is widely used in manufacturing kitchen worktops, tiles, etc. As a result, it is considered one of the most sought-after stone for home decor all across the globe. While there are people who love to have white coloured texture installed in the household, they still restrict themselves from having them in the kitchen, washroom, or other rooms of the house. The main reason is the fear of stains, which become even more noticeable when on the white surface.

carrara marble worktops price

However, the elegance of the Carrara marble is such that the people could hardly resist. In addition, the stone has the easy-to-maintain feature that acts as yet another factor to drive more and more people towards the installation of the Carrara marble worktops.

Carrara Marble Pros and Cons:

Well, as soon as you decide on having these marble worktops installed in the premises, it is important that you are aware of the carrara marble pros and cons.

Carrara Marble Worktops Pros

  • Varied Designs

The carrara marble worktop are available in varied shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, and colours. Thus, you can unhesitatingly browse through all the options and then decide the one that best suits your requirements and your interiors. When the colours are talked about, you should know that white is never alone. It comes in various shades. Thus, the white shades are numerous and you can opt for them in accordance with the requirements.

  • Carrara Marble Beauty

The beauty of the carrara marble is timeless. This stone occurs naturally and this is what makes it available in different designs. The veining network within the texture of the stone is what makes the appeal of it very unique and noteworthy.

  • Hard essence

You must have heard that carrara marble is fragile. But that’s not true. You don’t need to tiptoe around in case a crack is visible on the white marble. The worktop made of the marble is durable and of high-quality. However, you may have to seal it regularly to make sure the spillage is properly cleaned.

  • Complementing

White is the colour that matches every interior. The best part is the attractive look and feel that it provides to the surface it is being used in.

Carrara Marble Cons

When there are advantages of something, having disadvantages is also very normal. The same applies to the carrara marble worktops alternatives.

  • When the stone is exposed to acidic liquids for a long time, you will find scratches deteriorating the look of the worktop.
  • The marble is quite sensitive to pots, pans, knives, etc. When such items come in contact, scratches are likely to damage the surface.
  • The texture of the worktop is unique. But at the same time, the liquid when spilled into the texture leaves unwanted stains on the worktops. Though sealing could help in hiding the stains, it cannot be a long-time solution for scratches.

Now when you know the carrara marble worktops pros and cons, it will be easier for you to decide which one should you opt for. Whether carrara marbles are good for your premises or you should look for other tiling or decorating alternatives. The best thing about these marble worktops maintenance and cleaning is that you will be able to do easily. The repair of the countertops is also easy. Hence, you need not worry when your worktop is made of carrara marble.

The beauty, the elegance, the easy maintenance, the durability, the sustainability, and the resistance are some of the best qualities of the marble worktops. After all what else would you need to have when you are choosing a worktop for your kitchen room. Of course, you need to be a bit careful while using the worktop but is there anything that can be handled or preserved without care. Nothing right? So why not be a little bit careful but then have the most elegant marble worktops installed in the kitchen.

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