Best Stone for Industrial or Commercial Use

Even among these most durable of stone surfaces, not all rock is created equal. If you are looking for the right kind of stone for your business’s use—whether for flooring, counters, walls or workspaces—consider looking more seriously into quartz, marble or soapstone! These stones are especially versatile in colour, reliable in function, and resistant to damage.


Quartz is considered a common “vein” mineral, meaning you find quartz particles in many other igneous or metamorphic rocks. In higher, purer concentrations, quartz offers a completely non-porous surface with a smooth appearance. This stone is especially popular in bathrooms, because it rejects any microorganisms (from substances like mold, germs or any liquids) making cleaning and sanitization easy. Also, quartz can be artificially made from recycled rock material, making it a more eco friendly option to promote environmental awareness. Quartz comes in the most basic and the most vibrant of colors, meaning you can match it to whatever aesthetic design you want!


Some stone types are used purely for their visual appeal. Marble is a beautiful stone, to be sure, but it also makes a particularly useful material for construction purposes! This stone is the most heat-resistant rock available, which means it is highly protective against fire. For buildings where manufacturing increases the likelihood of fires, this is an important aspect of building construction as the damage will be minimal. Finally, marble is surprisingly affordable in large quantities! Its raw form is cheaper than other stones like quartz or granite, meaning it is a much more economical option for large-scale constructive use.  


Soapstone requires a little more maintenance than other stone worktops, but is a popular option for its classic, dark color and texture and is often used in antique style designs. This rock is also highly resistant to heat—it actually expands when exposed to intense heat, which makes it perfect for cooktops, around ovens, and in or around fireplaces. Because it is non-porous like quartz, it does not require additional sealings in the future. Not only is it heat resistant, it’s stain-resistant and easy to clean! Manipulating this stone is easier than with others, so it can be cut to more complicated shapes and sizes.

Whatever your project, you can find a stone worktop that works best for your needs! Stones like quartz, marble and soapstone are great options, especially for commercial use. Explore these and other stone worktop materials to find your best fit!

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