Limestone Worktops London

Limestone is a sedimentary rock which is found in abundance all over the world. The history of its use in construction can be traced back to centuries ago. There are many architectures in London which were constructed using Limestone.

Over the last few years, limestone has found an increased liking due to its natural appeal and classy appearance. It is largely used in fireplaces, bathrooms and kitchen worktops.

Although it is not as dense as granite or marble, it has an aesthetic essence which never wears out however old the stone gets.

Limestone worktops

Although it is porous and requires a little more maintenance than many other stones, it still makes a great, visually appealing kitchen worktop. Besides, it has an established ability to withstand harsh weathers and humid environments, and it is a preferred stone type for kitchen countertops. You only need to be little careful while cleaning them and they are sure to retain their attractive look for years to come.

Since it is easier to cut, shape and give desired designs, it is especially popular with architects and interior designers all over London. Limestone worktops are bespoke can be customised to give your kitchen the style that you are looking for.

Why choose Koliqi

Koliqi is an approved fabricator for limestone worktops in London. We are also approved fabricators for kitchen worktops for several leading brands in the UK.

We are known for offering exceptional end-to-end worktop and flooring services at the most competitive prices. Our expertise is based on decades of experience in the business. So, you can be assured that your kitchen gets the best quality worktop.

Write to us today or use our online form to submit your queries for stone kitchen worktops, flooring or any solid surface request in Quartz, Granite, Marble or Sintered stone.

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